ijsbaan op het Ladeuzeplein tijdens de Leuvense Kerstmarkt
ijsbaan op het Ladeuzeplein tijdens de Leuvense Kerstmarkt




Ladeuzeplein gets a full makeover this year. Yet it will not get less cosy than before, on the contrary. You can anticipate a true Provençal Christmas market and a romantic Winter experience for all ages.


This year Ladeuzeplein must share its leading role with the town park, which just this once becomes the backdrop of the actual Christmas market. This does not mean, however, that ‘Ladeuze’ will be neglected.  On the contrary: the new concept for the square will rival previous years as far as cosiness is concerned.


Ladeuzeplein will become a romantic setting, even more so than before, with a Provençal Christmas market on one side and ‘Ladeuze On Ice’ on the other.  If you get carried away by the dreamy, warm atmosphere of the Provence you will certainly feast your eyes here as well. Savour tasty Provençal cheeses, charcuterie, macarons, Bouillabaisse and pastis, … browse through Provençal linen and santons, dream away at fine French Christmas tunes…  In short: delude yourself into thinking you are ‘God in France’ for a while.


'Ladeuze On Ice' is a brand-new initiative, a true winter experience for young and old. Think of a Winter funfair with a giant wheel, a skating rink, an icy slide and nostalgic attractions such as a steam carrousel and a Christmas train. Bavarian stalls with local delicacies complete the picture postcard.


Leuvense Kerstmarkt vzw

Oude Rondelaan 58

3000 Leuven


T. 016 23 71 41

Illustraties Jean-Pol
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