De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018


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Hippo & Friends, het goede doel van De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018
Charel Cambré Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018

Charel Cambré



Type 1 diabetes has an enormous impact on the life of these children and their families. The disease literally takes away their health: it can cause eye problems, kidney disease, vascular problems and feet problems. In some cases, it can even lead to death.


At this moment, there is still no cure for this disease. For all these reasons, a lot of money is needed to support the research on type 1 diabetes. The ultimate goal is to eradicate this disease, so that children can grow up in a world without type 1 diabetes. 


The ‘Hippo & Friends’ type 1 diabetes funds largely contributes in supporting this research, but additional financial aid is still more than needed. For this reason, the Leuven Christmas Market will set up a stand for this good cause where candles and other amusing gadgets will be sold under the approving eye of its sponsor. This year, watch out for Hippo, the association’s mascot, representing a cute little hippopotamus.


Sponsor Marc De Bel


Marc De Bel will be the proud sponsor of this year’s edition of the Leuven Christmas Market. Together, they will join their forces to support this good cause. 


Marc De Bel is one of Flanders’ most popular children’s authors. He wrote the text of the reading and picture book ‘Macy en Hippo’ that explains type 1 diabetes to children. Through the story of the friendship between Macy and her cuddle toy Hippo, they learn how Macy succeeds in managing and controlling her disease by adapting her life style.


Sponsor Charel Cambré


Charel Cambré is a Flemish illustrator and animation film director. He works at the Studio Vandersteen, mainly known for the famous Belgian comic strip Spike and Suzy (Willy and Wanda).  

He will be regularly present at the stall dedicated to our good cause where he will be signing his comic books.

Java, sponsor De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018
Primetime + Rondom, sponsor De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018
Lotto, sponsor De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018
Radio 2, sponsor De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018
Standard AHZ, sponsor De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018
Pengo, sponsor De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018
Hergon, sponsor De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018
Stella Artois, sponsor De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018

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